Arizona Color is an internationally recognized vehicle wrap and large format print company based out of Phoenix, AZ.  In business over 10 years, they are known for their exceptional work in wrap advertising.  Over the years Arizona Color has been awarded the most prestigious awards in the industry for their designs and quality of workmanship.  They pride themselves on having only the best designers and installers around.  Arizona is one of the most competitive states for vehicle wraps in the country and many sign companies and wrap shops make a lot of claims to be the best, Arizona Color has the track record, awards, and testimonials to back up the fact that they are one of the best shops not only in Arizona but in the USA.

How do they do it? By providing each and every client a custom wrap that showcases their product or service. You will not find any clip art or packaged backgrounds in their designs.  Each and every project is discussed beforehand with the client and custom created for a look that they can be proud of and will garner them the new customers and exposure a vehicle wrap should provide.

Not all wrap companies are the same.  Just as you can find a bad landscaper, mechanic, or Realtor the vehicle wrap industry is no exception. Design – Print – Installation are the 3 steps in any vehicle wrap,  Arizona Color has the experience, training and certifications in all 3 areas to provide you with a vehicle wrap that will get you noticed, get your phone to ring and last without peeling up before it’s lifespan.

This website was designed to educate the consumer and potential wrap customer to what to look for and how to buy a wrap so that they get the best value for their investment.  Poke around, learn about the industry, educate yourself on the effectiveness of vehicle wraps, learn about Arizona Color Wrap Professionals and what separates them from their competitors.